Kent/Pied Piper: September Jones – Voo Doo Madamoiselle

Posted: March 29, 2014 in Uncategorized


In 2013, Kent Records having gained access to the vaults of legendary Pied Piper Production team brought us a fantastic selection of what the team had to offer.  The Cd kicked off with the original version of I Can’t Hold On from the legendary Lorraine Chandler and featured other gems such as the 100 Club monster Gambler’s Blues from Nancy Wilcox, Rose Batiste, Freddy Butler, September Jones, Mikki Farrow, The Cavaliers, band tracks and more in a stunning collection.

One track that was missing was an unreleased gem from September Jones entitled Voo Doo Madamoiselle.  A dancer of epic proportions it has September out to stop the Voodoo woman stealing her man.  With just one original acetate in the hands of Ady Croasdell you had to attend the 100 Club or catch Ady on one of his brief forays out of the capitol to hear the track.  Then a few months ago Levanna McClean, who has been causing a stir on Youtube and other social media platforms with videos of her dancing to various tracks in far out places such as Moscow, used this track in conjunction with Ace/Kent in a video filmed in El Burgo Village in Spain, complete with Spanish Band!


The track has now at last made it on to vinyl for the first time ever via Kent Records and can now be heard and will almost certainly be heard up and down the country at a venue near you.  The flip is another Detroit Pied Piper gem from Freddy Butler.  Previously featured on Freddy’s LP “With A Dab Of Soul”, “That’s When I Need You” is released on a 45 for the first time.

Buy/Pre-Order from Ace Records website:



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