The Complete Fame Singles. Vol 1 – 1964-1967

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Fame 1

The Complete Fame Singles. Vol 1 – 1964-1967

Three words synonymous with Southern Soul are Muscle Shoals and Fame. Florence Alabama Music Enterprises or simply FAME to all its fans, was founded by Rick Hall, Billy Sherrill and Tom Stafford in Florence, Alabama before moving to where it still stands in the small backwater town of Muscle Shoals when Hall split from the others. It went on to record many hits by many R&B, Rock and Pop superstars for many labels as well as it’s own.

 Fame 2

For the last few years Ace/Kent Records have been delving deep into the archives of FAME to bring some fantastic compilations covering Southern Soul great such as George Jackson, Clarence Carter, Jimmy Hughes and there, many unreleased tracks have also been unearthed and included on the various compilations.

Now from Ace Records we have the first instalment of The Complete Fame Singles with volume one covering the years 1964-67, both A & B sides are featured, that’s 26 releases, 52 tracks, over two CD’s.

Fame 2a

 Jimmy Hughes kicks of the compilation with the Southern Soul great “Steal Away” and is by far the most prolific during the years covered by this release with no less than eleven 45’s featured. Other favourites of Hughes, especially for UK collectors would be Neighbor, Neighbor and I’m A Man Of Action. Other stand out Hughes tracks for me are “Goodbye Mr Lover Goodbye”, “You Can’t Believe Everything” & “Time Will Bring You Back”.

Other tracks that appeal to UK collectors and in particular the club scene are James Barnett “Keep On Talking”, Art Freeman’s “Slippin’ Around With You” and June Conquest’s “Almost Persuaded” with all three becoming classics on the UK Northern Soul scene over the years.

Southern Soul lovers though are treated to some gems. Clarence Carter with “I Stayed Away Too Long” & “Don’t Make My Baby Cry” my picks of the six sides on offer. Arthur Conley has two 45’s featured with “I’m Gonna Forget About You” being the pick for me.

Whilst James Barnett’s “Keep On Talking” is probably the most sought after release from this compilation due to it’s success on the underground UK Northern Soul scene the flip “Take A Good Look” is an often overlooked slice of Southern Soul.

Dan Penn as well as his contribution to Fame through his songwriting chips in with two 45’s of his own with “Let Them Talk” being my favourite off the four sides on offer.

Spooner Oldham, Dan Penn’s song writing partner and a huge part of the Fame Story has one release featured here and is in all fairness probably doesn’t appeal to Southern Soul lovers along with the likes of The Villagers (one release) and Terry Woodford (two releases), but then again that is to be expected with any label let alone one that is still finding its way as a label in its own right.

The compilation is a must for lovers of Southern Soul, The Fame Label and Studio has played (and continues to play) a significant part in the history of Southern Soul music and is getting the recognition it deserves via the releases from Kent and the recent Film Documentary “Muscle Shoals” from director Greg ‘Freddy’ Camalier.


Fame 3

As usual you get the usual superb information packed sleeve notes from Dean Rudland and Tony Rounce, worth the price alone.


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Disc: 1

1. Steal Away- Jimmy Hughes

2. Lollypops, Lace And Lipstick – Jimmy Hughes

3. Close To Me – Dan Penn

4. Let Them Talk – Dan Penn

5. Try Me – Jimmy Hughes

6. Lovely Ladies – Jimmy Hughes

7. I’m Getting Better – Jimmy Hughes

8. I Want Justice – Jimmy Hughes

9. Hey, Do You Wanna Marry – Spooner And The Spoons

10. Wish You Didn’t Have To Go – Spooner And The Spoons

11. Almost Persuaded – June Conquest

12. Party Talk – June Conquest

13. Goodbye My Lover Goodbye – Jimmy Hughes

14. It Was Nice – Jimmy Hughes

15. Take Me (Just As I Am) – Dan Penn

16. Diamonds – Dan Penn

17. You Really Know How To Hurt A Guy – Jimmy Hughes

18. The Loving Physician – Jimmy Hughes

19. Midnight Affair – Jimmy Hughes

20. When It Comes To Dancing – Jimmy Hughes

21. Keep On Talking – James Barnett

22. Take A Good Look – James Barnett

23. Gonna Make You Say Yeah – Terry Woodford

24. Hit The Ground – Terry Woodford

25. Neighbor, Neighbor – Jimmy Hughes

26. It’s A Good Thing – Jimmy Hughes


Disc: 2

1. His Town – Terry Woodford

2. She Wants What She Can’t Have – Terry Woodford

3. Laugh It Off – The Villagers

4. You’re Gonna Lose That Girl – The Villagers

5. I Worship The Ground You Walk On – Jimmy Hughes

6. A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues – Jimmy Hughes

7. In The Same Old Way – Arthur Conley

8. I Can’t Stop (No, No No)- Arthur Conley

9. I Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind – Art Freeman

10. Slippin Around With You – Art Freeman

11. I’m Gonna Forget About You – Arthur Conley

12. Take Me (Just As I Am) – Arthur Conley

13. I Stayed Away Too Long – Clarence Carter

14. Tell Daddy – Clarence Carter

15. Why Not Tonight – Jimmy Hughes

16. I’m A Man Of Action – Jimmy Hughes

17. Everybody’s Got To Cry Sometime – Art Freeman

18. A Piece Of My Heart – Art Freeman

19. Thread The Needle – Clarence Carter

20. Don’t Make My Baby Cry – Clarence Carter

21. Don’t Lose Your Good Thing – Jimmy Hughes

22. You Can’t Believe Everything- Jimmy Hughes

23. Hi Heel Sneakers – Jimmy Hughes

24. Time Will Bring You Back – Jimmy Hughes

25. She Ain’t Gonna Do Right – Clarence Carter

26. The Road Of Love – Clarence Carter


  1. David Morris-Hind says:

    Phenomenal catalogue of southern soul. What serious collector wouldn’t want this set in their collection?

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