Just A Little Misunderstanding

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The Contours

When Ace/Kent delved into the world of Motown a few years ago they filled a void that Motown itself seemed reluctant to fill. That is some of the acts who weren’t necessarily considered Motown Royalty and especially the material left in the vaults. Even though these acts still had many a jewel in Motown’s crown with some stellar material either released or not. Acts such as Brenda Holloway, The Elgins, The Monitors, The Satintones, The Spinners, Shorty Long, Motown’s first Superstar Mary Wells, Eddie Holland and in the case of this review the Contours with two releases.


The Contours story is basically a tale of two halves. The first half of the story is covered with the first CD release “Dance With The Contours”. A title taken from planned album that never materialised due to unrest with the management, threatened strikes and the sacking of members and a new line up.

The original line up, Joe Billingslea and Billy Gordon the founders, Billy Hoggs, Hubert Johnson, Sylvester Potts and Huey Davis struck gold with “Do You Love Me”. Originally planned for the Temptations who failed to show for the recording session. It was after no further success materialized that the group were unhappy with Berry Gordy and Motown they were going to confront Gordy who having heard of this sacked all but Gordon.

This is where the latest release from Kent takes over, “Just A Little Misunderstanding”. Representing the ,material recorded by the group between 1965-1968. The “new” group was formed, in addition to Gordon, Alvin English, Jerry Green & Council Gray were added. English soon went with Sylvester Potts returning to replace him. Hits soon followed, “Can You Jerk Like Me” and “First I Look At The Purse”. Billy Gordon was soon in trouble with the law and replaced by Joe Stubbs but not before the group had laid down Baby Hit And Run. Previously unreleased but saw the light of day in the UK on a MFP LP (with Dennis Edwards lead dubbed in) and became a huge dance floor favourite on the UK Northern Soul scene.


Stubbs only managed one single with the group the brilliant “Just A Little Misunderstanding”, again a big favourite with UK soul fans a staple play of many a Soul and Motown night.

This is the point where Dennis Edwards came into the group and again just one 45 was managed before the group went into meltdown. “It’s So Hard Being A Loser”.

“Just A Little Misunderstanding” manages to showcase all three leads and gives us a glimpse of what could have been with better promotion and not so much upheaval. Dancers such as the title track “Just A Little Misunderstanding”, “Baby Hit and Run” (Jerry Green lead vocal), “First I Look At The Purse”, tracks better known from recording s laid down by other Motown acts, “Ain’t That Peculiar” “Come See About Me” “I’ll Turn To Stone” and “What Becomes Of A Broken Hearted” amongst others unreleased gems such as “I Can’t Help Loving You Baby” (Joe Stubbs on lead vocal),  “I’m Here Now That You Need Me” featuring  the lead vocal of Dennis Edwards and “Sometimes I Have To Cry” with Jerry Green taking the lead. All in all a dozen unreleased tracks featuring the group and Dennis Edwards solo cuts including one of my favourites “Can’t Do Without Your Love” an unreleased gem that I was given some years ago and featured in my DJ sets around the country.


 As well as the music there is as you would expect from Ace/Kent an extensive booklet with photographs, label scans and extensive notes from the renowned Motown collector and historian Keith Hughes. And just in case you didn’t know of the site Keith is involved in it is well worth checking out for all your Motown recordings queries, “Don’t Forget The Motor City


  1. Just A Little Misunderstanding
  2. First I Look At The Purse
  3. It’s Growing
  4. Baby Hit And Run
  5. It’s So Hard Being A Loser
  6. Determination
  7. A Weak Spot In My Heart
  8. Girl Come On In
  9. I Can’t Help Loving You Baby
  10. Your Love Grows More Precious Everyday
  11. I’m Here Now That You Need Me
  12. What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted
  13. Sunny
  14. Keep On Tryin’ (Till You Find Love)
  15. Ain’t That Peculiar
  16. Can’t Do Without Your Love
  17. I Like Everything About You
  18. What’s So Good About Goodbye
  19. Which Way To My Baby
  20. I’ll Turn To Stone
  21. Need Your Lovin’ (Want You Back)
  22. Our Last Rendezvous
  23. Sometimes I Have To Cry
  24. I Grow Deeper In Love Every Day
  25. Come See About Me
  26. When A Man Loves A Woman

Buy from Ace Records; http://acerecords.co.uk/just-a-little-misunderstanding-rare-and-unissued-motown-1965-68


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